Cyber and Non Damage risks pose severe threats to an organisationís mission critical systems and electronic data. The threats become even more complex when systems and data are outsourced or when software is bespoke, as with cloud computing and SCADA.

These threats include

Who are AFL Risk Consulting?

Qualified and highly specialist information security and cyber insurance risk professionals.

What we deliver?

AFL Risk Consulting empowers an organisationís senior management to make informed decision on the treatment of their residual risk.
The options are:

1. Do nothing:

Rely on existing information security and business continuity plans and hope that no incidents occur.

2. Risk Transfer to:

a) A cyber insurance policy.
An outsource provider under a service level agreement.
c) An alternative risk transfer mechanism such as self insurance or insurance into a Captive.

AFL Products and Services

Complete portfolio of cyber and non damage solutions;
1. Risk management provision ranging from quantitative risk assessment through to successful mitigation and transfer.
2. Risk transfer and bespoke policy wording designed to meet differing residual risk appetites and tolerances.
3. Captive management, a feasibility study assessing the advantages and disadvantages of captive utilisation.
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